Chipotle to remove bacon from pinto beans

Vegetarians may find more reason to visit Chipotle with new changes reportedly on the way. (AP)

WASHINGTON – Big bean changes are coming to Chipotle to make its menu a little more vegetarian-friendly.

The small amount of bacon that was once in Chipotle’s pinto beans will be removed for all stores nationwide, according to Consumerist. A photo posted on the site Monday shows a message at a Chipotle regarding the change to the pinto beans.

“We’ve created a new pinto bean recipe that no longer uses bacon, but is still just as delicious,” the sign reads. “So, vegetarians, vegans, and the bacon-averse, rejoice. Omnivores, enjoy them as you normally would.”

Chipotle previously had been criticized for not disclosing the beans’ bacon contents on store menus. A Chipotle spokesperson told Consumerist the bacon-less recipe is being phased in around the country.

“In testing some recipes, we simply didn’t think the bacon added anything and, by removing it, we make the pinto beans vegetarian,” the spokesman said.

It is not yet clear when the changes to the menu will be coming. Chipotle’s online menu still reflects pinto beans with bacon and recommends vegetarians and vegans avoid pinto beans.

(h/t Huffington Post)

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