Two caught with weapons at Dulles Airport

The man who tried to bring this sword/cane combo aboard a plane at Dulles Airport on Thursday says he didn\'t know the sword was concealed inside. (Photo courtesy of TSA)

WASHINGTON – Two men were detected with weapons as they tried to board planes leaving Dulles Airport on Thursday – one of them rather unusual.

The TSA says in a statement that a Frederick County man was cited after an X-ray machine spotted a gun in his carry-on bag. In a separate incident the same day, a man from Mexico was stopped with a sword concealed inside a cane.

In the first case, agents contacted the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police, according to the statement. They confiscated the gun and a magazine with six rounds in it, cited the Middletown man on a state weapons charge and let him catch his flight to Denver.

The man with the sword said he bought the cane at a flea market and didn’t know there was a sword inside, the TSA said. He gave the sword to TSA agents and was allowed to catch his flight to Mexico City.

TSA says there was no impact to airport operations.

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