Gov. McDonnell works to shift focus

FAIRFAX – Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell continues touting job creation around the state, but he can’t escape questions about looming legal problems.

“I don’t have any other comments on that,” McDonnell told reporters in Fairfax on Tuesday. “I just don’t have anything else to say on that at this time.”

The governor tried, with limited success, to shift focus away from the ongoing loans and gifts scandal. His attorneys reportedly met with federal prosecutors on Monday in an effort to convince them that McDonnell’s actions do not warrant charges.

He has admitted accepting thousands of dollars in gifts and loans from a campaign donor.

McDonnell used a public appearance at ICF International to unveil a jobs initiative aimed at connecting veterans to technology companies in northern Virginia.

“When you look at the skill sets that people have when their on active duty it’s extraordinary,” McDonnell said. “Courage and leadership — those are the same things that make excellent employees in the private sector.”

The technology trade group NVTC is coordinating with companies and lawmakers to ease interested vets into positions after they complete their service.

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