D.C. official ice cream: Marshmallow or peppermint?

WASHINGTON — When you think of D.C., what flavor of ice cream comes to mind?

If you’re a jogger, it might be marshmallow or peppermint.

Ben & Jerry’s is asking residents of five U.S. cities to either jog, bike, commute or tie their way to a new flavor, NY Daily News reports.

The City Churned campaign will send trucks to D.C., New York, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco, and votes will be tallied according to city-specific variants. Every time a Red Line train arrives on time in the District, that counts as a vote for cherry. Orange Line trains arriving on time equals votes for banana.

Earlier this month, Ben & Jerry’s filmed joggers in D.C., and calculated votes for marshmallow and peppermint depending on which direction people ran, Ad Week reports.

Ice cream lovers can also vote online for their favorite flavors.

The winners will be announced June 29 at a grand unveiling in each city. Winning flavors will only be available on that day.

To help pick your city’s newest flavor, click here.

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