Cable companies offer deals to attract customers

WASHINGTON – Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and Apple are just a few companies now offering TV shows through the Internet. But, cable and satellite companies are fighting back and working to win customers with deals and promotions.

Yahoo Homes details how companies are offering new customers everything from gift cards to tech toys and package upgrades.

Verizon FiOS offers new TV, Internet and phone customers gift cards worth as much as $250, according to Yahoo Homes.

What companies are offering to whom can vary by region and availability. A web link evaluating and offering free quotes shows, for example, people living in Germantown, Md. have three companies making special offers.

For new customers choosing to bundle TV, Internet and phone service, Direct TV’s deal includes a free NFL Sunday Ticket and three months of free select premium channels. DISH network also has that premium channel offer and a free HOPPER upgrade. Xfinity offers $100 gift cards.

AT&T U-verse Digital TV service isn’t available in the metro D.C. area. But, people moving to any of the nearly two dozen states where it is an option will find deals. Customers signing up for AT&T U-verse can chose from a list of promotional gifts that include an XBOX 360 or Kindle Fire.

A word of caution for customers choosing a new service based on promotional deals — those deals typically come with expiration dates. Find out what a package offers and what it costs after the initial offer expires.

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