Attman’s Pushing For Late-June Opening In Potomac

Attman's Deli, coming to Potomac's Cabin John Shopping MallThe second freestanding location of Baltimore’s storied Attman’s Delicatessen could be open by the end of June, its general manager says, as the 98-year-old business tries to succeed in an area that hasn’t been kind to delis of late.

Many predicted success for Norfolk Avenue’s Uptown Deli when it opened in November 2010. It closed last August “for renovations,“ but soon it was revealed a new owner had sold the spot to the former Haandi Indian restaurant, which needed to relocate from Fairmont Avenue.

A former employee said the “New York Jewish” style eatery was losing money. Bubby’s, another Jewish style deli, opened around the corner at 4866 Cordell Ave in February 2011. It was short-lived, closing for good just six months later.

Attman’s could stand a better chance to succeed.

In Baltimore, the name is near-legendary. Mark Walsh, who’s heading up the Potomac operation, said there’s no doubt the deli’s history in Baltimore translates to the D.C. area.

Walsh said a number of people relayed stories of going to the Baltimore Attman’s Deli over Memorial Day weekeend, when Walsh and crew set up a all-beef hot dog cart outside the space (7913 Tuckerman Lane, Cabin John Shopping Center.)

The Potomac location will bring some things the Baltimore store doesn’t. Like Celebrity Deli, it’s predecessor in Cabin John, there will be wait service in a back dining room for breakfast and dinner. Casual lunch customers will be able to order items at the counter up front.

Walsh called the location “a perfect fit.”

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