Understanding men and women via the brain

WASHINGTON – In order to understand your mate, you must first understand his or her brain.

“Our goal is to understand each other, because when you understand why people do what they do,” explains relationship expert and Laugh Your Way founder Mark Gungor. “It changes everything.”

Gungor says he has no formal training in relationships or counseling, but has the background of being a good observer, a good listener and one-half of a 40 year marriage. He refers to his lectures, classes and YouTube videos as “relationship advice for dummies.”

So what are the differences between men’s and women’s brains?

According to Gungor, the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study on brain activity and noted a major difference between the genders.

Gungor says men’s brains are made up of lots of little boxes. Men compartmentalize, and when necessary, they reach for the right box.

“We can’t just go from box to box – it confuses us,” he says, further explaining that the method is a way for men to reduce the stress in their lives.

Women, on the other hand, have brains that are constantly fired up. They tend to connect everything.

The trick is to be able to read each other’s signals, a task Gungor says can take a life time.

A tale of two brains with Mark Grugor

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