Loudoun plan examines ways to ease bottlenecks

WASHINGTON – The color purple is a discouraging sign when it’s on road maps used to depict traffic bottlenecks. And there’s a lot of purple on maps coming from Loudoun County transportation planners.

Loudoun County is one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. Roads aren’t keeping up with volume. Those purple-saturated maps are included in a long-term plan to help keep cars moving.

Phase 2 of a multi-year three phase evaluation of the road network in eastern Loudoun County is now completed. It examines the area roughly south and west of Dulles International Airport.

For example, the Phase 2 plan details that West Ox Road is a traffic bottleneck between the Dulles Greenway and the Loudoun County parkway, as is U.S. 50 west of the Loudoun County Parkway.

The study points out problem areas, suggests where supplemental roads should be built, estimates costs for improvements and identifies potential funding sources.

Many of the recommendations could be paid by developers as they build business parks and neighborhoods.

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