How to work with obnoxious coworkers

Workplace gossipers are one of many office personalities with whom you don\'t want to deal. (Thinkstock)

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WASHINGTON – Coworkers can be obnoxious.

You’re probably thinking, “Tell me something I don’t know!”

But what can you do about it that will both ease the pain and make sure you still have a job?

McClatchy News Service has a few tips.

The Grump: Kill him with kindness. Be upbeat and positive. They might still be grumpy but at least you’ll get the satisfaction that nothing bugs a grump like happy people.

The Bully: Always take the high road with these guys. Be respectful and polite and don’t let yourself fall into the trap. If it gets really bad, talk to your boss.

The Clinger: Make plans. This is the best way to avoid an obsessive coworker. Telling him how you feel may hurt his feelings or make things awkward. If you’re busy, you’re busy – right?

The Chatter: Similar to the clinger – you need to be busy to deal with these guys. Sometimes, you even need to interrupt the chatter to help you get the point across. If he really won’t stop talking, ignore him completely and stay strong until he gets bored.

The Gossip: Don’t tell him anything and don’t listen. Just stay far, far away.

All in all, stand up for yourself, do your job and don’t be afraid to take it to your boss if it hits an extreme.

WTOP’s David Burd contributed to this report. Follow @DavidBurdWTOP and @WTOP on Twitter.

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