Google’s new feature helps handle users’ deaths

WASHINGTON – Whether it’s email or social media, many of us have more than one online profile. But what happens to the profiles and our online storage when we die?

Google is giving options on how to handle such situations with a new tool called the Inactive Account Manager. A user does not have to do die in order for it to kick in. Before it does anything, though, the company says it will send you a text or an email.

The feature allows you to set parameters that will go into effect when you stop using the account. For example, there is a Timeout feature which is like an extended “Out of Office” period. With that, you set the timeframe for when your account will become inactive. You can pick up to 10 people who should be notified when that happens.

But if you don’t want your account to live on when you die, you can have it deleted.

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