D.C. makes potholes a priority during ‘Potholepalooza’

DDOT shows how crews fill potholes at a press conference Monday, April 22. (WTOP/Nick Ianelli)

WASHINGTON – D.C. officials have pesky potholes in their sights.

“The important thing is to do everything we possibly can to be able to keep our streets in good shape,” says D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray.

Along with DDOT crews, Mayor Gray kicked off the annual month-long spring campaign, “Potholepalooza.”

“There are around 3,000 potholes in the District of Columbia,” Gray says.

Over the past four years, the initiative has lead to more than 20,000 pothole repairs.

While Potholepalooza is in effect, officials urge everyone to contact DDOT with reports of roadway damage, promising it will be a priority.

“We will make these repairs and hopefully they will hold throughout the season,” says DDOT Director Terry Bellamy.

Crews will work to fix the potholes within 48 hours of receiving a call.

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