How to haggle to save money

Randi Martin,

WASHINGTON – Want to save money on your cable bills or car purchase? It can be as easy as haggling for a better price.

“Haggling is all about being a negotiator, asking for that discount, getting a better price and being a good shopper,” says Teri Gault, CEO of price comparison website The Grocery Game.

Gault says haggling should be done with respect and politeness, but the haggler should not be afraid to “go up the food chain” and ask for a manager or person who can cut the deal.

Sophie Walton, a contributor to Yahoo Finance, says anyone can haggle for a deal, but you need to do your homework.

Here are some of Walton’s tips:

  • Know the market value of the product or service you want by researching it on the Internet or reading newspapers or trade publications.
  • Go into the discussion with a price in mind that would make you accept the deal.
  • Ask the question: Can I get a better price? No business will consider giving you the lowest price if you are content with the offer on the table.
  • Are you willing to walk away? Sometimes you may have to step away from the deal to make your point. Sometimes the tactic works, and sometimes it does not.
  • Say yes to the dress, car, TV or credit card interest rate when the offer is reasonable and close to the number you had in mind.

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