What is an Alberta Clipper?

WASHINGTON – The weather likes to keep residents of the D.C. region guessing, and this morning is no exception.

Sunshine will give way to evening flutters as an Alberta Clipper hits the area.

So what exactly is an Alberta Clipper?

It is a low-pressure weather system that swoops down from Canada and dumps a small amount of snow before heading out into the Atlantic Ocean, AccuWeather reports. The term “clipper” comes from the small sailing boats of the same name, which are known for their speed.

Like these boats, an Alberta Clipper moves quickly and “usually doesn’t produce much snow,” ABC 7’s Doug Hill says.

The region was expecting a dusting to an inch of snow Monday evening, but it was mostly a no-go. Tuesday could be different though. Highs will be in the 40s with possible flurries at night.

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