Luna debunks diet myths with a smile

Randi Martin,

WASHINGTON – A new web series called Debunking the Diet is offering women real answers to popular diets myths.

Topics include whether you gain weight if you eat after 8 p.m. or checking out the latest in fad diets or exploring fiber.

The series sponsored by Luna, best known for their nutrition bar, tries to explain diet misinformation and misconceptions all with a smile.

They brought comedy writer Erin Gibson from to host along with Luna’s in-house dietitian Tara Dellolacono Thies. Gibson provides commentary and her women-on-the-street interviews provide a laugh. Then Thies steps up to sort out the myth and provide the facts.

The two to three minutes videos will run every two weeks.

The videos provide real advice in a light hearted manner. Luna doesn’t necessarily what you to be skinny but they want you to be strong and smart.


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