Women are grumpier than men in morning, survey finds

Getting their families out the door in the morning could play a role in why women are grumpy. (Thinkstock)

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Randi Martin, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – A survey finds that women are grumpier in the morning than men.

The results of that survey of 2,000 adults in London conducted by the makers of the Zombie Underground gaming app echos the informal one WTOP did on the streets on D.C.

It seems women are a bit grumpy in the morning, and that’s according to both men and women.

“Women have a lot to do in the morning,” says author and gender expert Judy Hoberman.

“It’s not just getting themselves ready. It’s also about getting their families ready, getting breakfast ready, getting the house put together, so they have a lot to do.”

She adds that men “generally get up and get out. There’s a reason women may be a bit cross in the morning.”

The London survey also shows that many men and women have issues with communication and mornings.

A third answered that they try not to talk to co-workers first thing in the morning and a few even said they try to ignore their children.

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