Once ‘forbidden foods’ have health benefits

WASHINGTON – Now there may be an even better reason for consuming foods like red meat, red wine, dark chocolate and coffee.

It turns out these foods don’t just taste great, they also pack some amazing health benefits.

According to Denise Foley, executive editor at Prevention Magazine, having just one cup of coffee a day can cut a person’s risk for diabetes by 7 percent.

Red wine is another beverage that boasts of health benefits. Polyphenols, antioxidants found in red wines, have protective qualities against illnesses such as heart disease and possibly cancer.

Dark chocolate also contains antioxidants that can lower a person’s risk for heart disease and may even protect the body from diabetes.

Experts say one egg a day can actually be good for human health.

“Even though they’re high in cholesterol, it doesn’t seem to be absorbed in the body as cholesterol,” explains Foley.

Those who enjoy red meat should stick to the lean cuts, which Foley says aren’t that much more fatty than chicken or turkey. Red meat also contains essential nutrients, such as B12 and iron.

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