Group gets creative with Redskins-Ravens rivalry (VIDEO)

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Ari Ashe,

WASHINGTON – A new video posted by a group called Revolution Reels pokes fun at the Redskins-Ravens rivalry building ahead of Sunday’s game at FedEx Field.

In the video, Jimmy Vickers III plays a Ravens fan arguing with a Redskins fan, Steve Mobley.

“Your stadium is the worst. It’s terrible. It’s not even in D.C. You moved from D.C to Landover. I just view you as the other team from Maryland,” says Vickers in the video.

“You bring back Joe Gibbs just so your fans can boo him. Your fans are the worst. You think you’re great. But in reality, everyone hates you. Your own owner hates you. He sues grandmothers … Your entire fan base is a joke!”

Mobley looks befuddled, then shakes his head and says, “RGIII.”

Three Redskins fans behind him agree and start chanting “RGIII.”

This isn’t Revolution Reels’ first foray into a D.C.-Baltimore rivalry.

This summer the group of four created a similar video poking fun at the Nationals-Orioles rivalry.

“After the success of the Baltimore versus Washington Part 1 video this summer, we joked about the idea of doing a Redskins-Ravens video in the same vein as the Nats-O’s,” Vickers tells WTOP.

However, Vickers and his friends chose to wait and see how the Redskins’ season went.

At 3-3, the group decided if the Redskins beat the Giants at MetLife Stadium, they would begin writing a script.

When they lost, the group called off the project.

“Two straight losses to the Steelers and Panthers, and we had given up on the video like how Shanahan appeared to have given up on the Redskins’ season,” says Vickers.

Then, after wins against the Eagles and Cowboys, the group decided the project was back on.

They shot the video at a Hooters in Chantilly, Va., on Dec. 1, and waited until Monday’s game against the Giants.

Win and they’d release it. Lose and they’d scrap it altogether.

The rest is history.

“We couldn’t ask for a better three weeks leading up to the video release and for ‘Skins fans 6-6 isn’t a bad place to be,” Vickers says.

Steve Mobley plans to be at FedEx Field on Sunday. Vickers hasn’t decided whether he’ll go, too.

Check the video out below:

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