Great gift ideas to promote good health

Chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, can make a nice, healthy holiday gift. (Thinkstock)

Michelle Basch,

WASHINGTON – Christmas cards are a popular way to wish loved ones a happy and healthy new year. But here’s a suggestion: Take it to the next level by sending a healthy gift.

A child might like a new bike helmet or a singing toothbrush that keeps them brushing longer.

For adults, consider a pedometer that encourages them to get moving, or a home massage system for someone who’s stressed out.

A person who’s trying to fit more exercise into his life might appreciate a walking DVD he can use no matter the weather. A jump rope is a good choice for the frequent traveler.

Yahoo! Health points out laughter can be a form of exercise. Giving a funny book, a comedy DVD or a even a gift certificate to a laughter yoga class can keep someone giggling.

Have a sleepy loved one? Consider a SleepTracker. It’s a watch-like device that monitors sleep patterns to help the sleeper wake up feeling refreshed.

Finally, try going with yummy, yet healthy food and drink such as an assortment of dark chocolates made with at least 70 percent cocoa, or bags of fancy coffee.

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