Culpeper declares war on vulture population

Hank Silverberg,

WASHINGTON – Culpeper has declared war on the avian invaders that have been harassing the area for decades, but for now the vultures appear to be winning.

Residents complain that the birds can often be seen eating the rubber off roofs and cars, and hovering in trees waiting for their next meal.

Culpeper public works director Jim Hoy says they are bringing in the Department of Agriculture next week to scare off the birds with bright lights and noise.

If that doesn’t work, they will go to more extreme measures and hang a dead vulture from a tree to scare off the group.

Vultures are a protected species, so officials are warning residents not to shoot the scavengers despite the annoyance. Recently, the flock moved into more populated areas around Main Street and the Southgate Shopping Center.

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