Early voting backup plans in place due to Sandy

WASHINGTON – With Hurricane Sandy barreling up the East Coast, local governments are putting contingency plans in place if early voting is disrupted.

Possible power outages and keeping the lights on in polling places is what officials will be focused on.

Early voting in Maryland ends Nov. 1, and the state of emergency ordered by Gov. Martin O’Malley allows for changes to be made to the schedule, if needed.

In Virginia, as long as there are no safety threats, it will be business as usual.

“During my conversations with the president of Dominion, they’re going to add election locations, ballot locations as a top priority for power restoration,” says Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell.

Virginia allows in-person absentee voting until Nov. 3.

Early voting also runs until Nov. 3 in D.C., except next Sunday.

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