The secrets restaurant servers won’t tell you

WASHINGTON – Do you like powdered eggs and nearly expired food?

Probably not, and if so, there are some secrets restaurant servers don’t want you to know – and you probably don’t want to know either.

Reader’s Digest compiled a list of more than 50 of these dining-out secrets.

Here are a few examples that aren’t on the menu:

  • In the mood for late-night coffee, or need to pull an all-nighter for school? Charity Ohlund tells Reader’s Digest most coffee after 8 p.m. is decaf, because employees don’t want to clean two pots.
  • Another waitress at a popular pizza chain admits to adding sugar to kids’ meals so they’ll like them more — and sugar is even added to pizza dough.
  • Vegetarian? Servers may say soup is made with vegetable stock, even if it’s not. They know you can’t tell the difference.
  • Seeking a recommendation from your waiter on “what’s good” may not get you anywhere. Most waiters aren’t allowed to say they don’t like a menu item.
  • Tapping and snapping is a no-no. Whistling at your server will only make your wait longer.
  • In some restaurants, severs will simply run a spoon under hot water if a guest complains about cold soup.
  • Not very many restaurants outside of Starbucks actually have skim milk – but if you order it, they won’t say a word.

Bottom line. If you treat waiters with respect and use their names, you may get better service.

Read more serving secrets from Reader’s Digest.

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