Sailing ‘commentator’ knows nothing about sailing (VIDEO)

\'\'Quick look at the stats. 1.37-meter beam. That\'s ... controversial.\'\' (Photo courtesy of LiveLeak)

WASHINGTON – Anyone who says a commentator needs to be familiar with the sport at hand has never been to Ireland.

Particularly with the nuances of a complicated sport like sailing, what’s the point of background research?

A parody video on, reported by the Huffington Post UK, says what we’re all thinking with the sport that on first glance appears to be nonsensical chaos.

“You fool, you’re not going to win any medals going that way!” the “Irish” “commentator” says.

“Quick look at the stats,” he continues as the boat dimensions appear on the screen. “1.37-meter beam. That’s…controversial.”

He goes on to critique the Belarussian team and that country’s human rights record.

Check out the full video here, with a remarkable discovery the commentator makes at the end:

Editor’s Note: This video contains inappropriate language

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