D.C. area gas prices jump 10 cents

WASHINGTON – Gas prices in the D.C. area rose 10 cents in the pas week, according to the weekly survey from AAA Mid-Atlantic.

This is the sixth week in a row gas prices have gone up in the area. The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline is now $3.69. A year ago, it was $3.64.

Gas prices nationally rose 8 cents in the past week, from $3.61 to $3.69.

Analysts say an increase in crude oil prices and problems with refineries and pipelines are mostly to blame for the increase.

AAA Mid-Atlantic predicts that prices will fall by Labor Day.

Current and past gas prices from AAA

Current Week Ago Year Ago
D.C. Metro $3.69 $3.59 $3.64
D.C. Only $3.98 $3.87 $3.83
National $3.69 $3.41 $3.61

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