What to eat during a heat wave

Elise Museles prepares a smoothie in her home (Paula Wolfson/WTOP)

Paula Wolfson, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – Figuring out what to eat in the high summer heat can be a challenge.

The heavier foods we crave in winter lose their appeal in summertime – especially when the temperatures reach the century mark.

“It is your body telling you what it needs,” says Bethesda-based nutrition and wellness expert Elise Museles. She says a body that is working hard to keep cool, doesn’t need to be working overtime to digest rich, rib-sticking meals.

Her advice is to zero in on the season’s bounty of produce – especially those items with a high water content.

Museles, who calls her business “Kale and Chocolate,” says we all need to focus on hydrating in the heat.

“What many people may not realize is that you can get those extra fluids in with a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables.”

She says go to the farmer’s market and be inspired to create lighter summertime fare. See tomatoes, for example, and think gazpacho.

Instead of milkshakes or sodas, she says make summer smoothies straight from the garden – or the produce aisle at the grocery.

Museles says don’t be afraid to mix vegetables and frozen fruit in the blender – add in a little coconut water “which is nature’s electrolyte replacement.”

A green tropical smoothie is a great way to get veggies into kids. You can even make some with cocoa powder and frozen raspberries that provide a frosty treat that is high in summer nutrition.

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