Pooper snoopers: Company tracks owners through dog DNA

The problem of owners not picking up their pets\' waste \'\'just disappeared\'\' after employing this company. (AP)

WASHINGTON – There’s a growing effort to use DNA technology to get the scoop on dogs that are leaving poop.

Apartment complexes nationwide started turning to the high-tech strategy after repeated complaints that the dogs’ owners weren’t picking up after their pets.

A company called PooPrints has been marketing a service that links DNA samples from what the dogs left behind to their owners. Many apartment complexes and management companies are paying for the service, and say it’s effective.

A property manager at an apartment community in Montgomery, Ala. is among those taking advantage of the unique service.

Joe Johnson, a property manager at Legends at Taylor Lakes, tells USA Today they sent out letters to residents, telling them what they intended to do.

“The problem of owners not cleaning up after their dogs just disappeared,” he tells the newspaper.

The cost of a DNA sample for a dog is $29.95. The test costs $49.95.

Different properties have different policies to determine how the costs are covered or passed on to residents.

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