Hyattsville loses lanes to parking meters

Drivers and local residents are worried the congestion will get worse with fewer lanes open to traffic. (WTOP Photo/Andrew Mollenbeck)

Andrew Mollenbeck,

HYATTSVILLE, Md. – The sudden hotspot status here along Route 1 has raised competing questions about cars, including where to park them and how to keep others from getting caught in a jam.

The short-term resolution that will begin playing out later this month involves adding parking meters in lanes currently open to traffic.

New restaurants, shops and apartment buildings are popping up at a dizzying pace along this corridor, south of the University of Maryland.

Now, the city is trying to carve out new parking spaces for customers.

In addition to parking lots, 61 new metered spaces will go in between Madison Street and Hamilton Street, according to the Gazette.

But to accomplish that, four traffic lanes will be squeezed to two when it’s not a rush hour.

Businesses say the extra spaces will help attract more customers to the area. Commuters and even local residents are lamenting more congestion.

The meters could go in as soon as the end of June.

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