Parents can sometimes make playgrounds more dangerous

No need for expensive gym memberships when there\'s a perfectly good neighborhood playground around. (WTOP)

WASHINGTON – The month of May marks the unofficial start of playground season, and, unfortunately, playing outside may mean more opportunities for a child to get hurt.

However, one potential injury could actually be the parent’s fault.

Deborah Kotz, Daily Dose health blogger with the Boston Globe, says many parents go down slides with their children in an effort to keep them safe, but it’s actually a bad idea.

“The parent may size up the slide and say, ‘Ya know, that’s a pretty big slide, I better go down with my child,'” Kotz says.

“Usually they’re riding behind the child, with the child in front. The child’s foot may get caught. Those sneakers may get caught on the slide. The parent’s force from behind may cause that child’s leg to then crack.”

It’s recommended parents not have small children ride on slides that are higher than the reach of their arm.

Kotz also says that children should only jump on trampolines one at a time, and children under the age of six shouldn’t be on trampolines at all.

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