Contest: Make wedding gown out of TP

Here\'s what a toilet paper gown looks like. (Courtesy of Cheap Chic Weddings)

WASHINGTON – Need to save some money on a wedding dress?’s Eighth Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress contest may be an option.

It challenges participants to make wedding dresses out of toilet paper. While this may conjure up brides wrapped in toilet paper at their wedding showers, the gowns that win this contest are actually quite elaborate.

The winners don’t just get the glory of knowing they made a wedding dress out of toilet paper. Cash prizes also sweeten the deal. The prize for first place is more than $2,000, with a second-place prize of $1,000 and a third-place prize of $500.

The contest ends with a live event in New York City on June 27. The website outlines some rules to follow when constructing a wedding dress made of toilet paper for the contest:

  • The toilet paper must be Charmin brand. (Charmin is the contest sponsor).
  • The dress must be wearable, meaning it can be easily taken on and off.
  • Neatness and creativity count.

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