Early spring joys fall to potential record-high temps

WASHINGTON – The cherry blossoms are blooming early, bars are dusting off their outdoor patios and the Capital Bikeshare racks are mostly empty. Spring has sprung upon the nation’s capital, but some residents might regret getting exactly what they wished for.

Unusually high temperatures Thursday could shatter previous record highs. Washingtonians woke up to 60-degree weather in the morning with a forecast that puts the mercury well above the 80 degree mark.

The record for March 15 is 86 degrees. Dulles Airport has already tied its previous record of 82 degrees.

“Very warm conditions continue to settle throughout the region,” says ABC7 Meteorologist Alex Liggitt. The heat trend will continue through the end of the week, dropping down to 70 on Saturday. See more forecasts at the WTOP Weather Center.

The hot weather itself isn’t the only irritation on the Ides of March. The mild winter and warm spring have brought out stink bugs in droves, and an early cherry blossom bloom conflicts with immovable Metro track work.

But don’t let these pithy issues get in the way of kicking off shoes and having a cool drink in the shade. Check out the reports at right from WTOP’s “sunshine correspondent” Andrew Mollenbeck to learn more about how area residents are embracing the warm weather, and the record amount of bikeshare use.

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