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Stomach bug hits Fairfax Elementary School

FAIRFAX, Va. – All weekend activities at Willow Springs Elementary School are canceled so it can be thoroughly cleaned after more than 100 students and staff missed class Friday with some sort of stomach bug.

Fairfax County Schools spokesperson Mary Shaw says the school will get a thorough cleaning with a bleach solution.

The Fairfax County Health Department is investigating whether or not this is a norovirus outbreak.

Health officials say this is the peak time of the year for the virus.

Earlier this month, 85 students at George Washington University were stricken with the virus, and D.C. Health officials are investigating a possible outbreak at Howard University.

Symptoms of norovirus include vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, chills and fatigue.

It’s spread through human contact and by touching surfaces that have been contaminated. The virus is highly contagious, but most people get better within one to two days.

If you get it, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids, and stay home from work or school.

Get more information about norovirus from the CDC here.

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