Compared to other countries, U.S. gas prices are cheap

A driver pumps gasoline at a station in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012. The station is among those with the highest gasoline prices in the nation. (AP Photo/Phelan M. Ebenhack)

WASHINGTON – Gas prices are rising in the D.C. area, up 48 cents over one year ago, but they could be a lot worse. compiled a list of the top 10 cities around the world with the most expensive gasoline and the results could surprise you.

In Asmara, Eritrea, for example, gas costs $9.58 in U.S. dollars. That’s more than twice what most American drivers are paying.

In Oslo, Norway, drivers are paying slightly less, at $9.33 for a gallon of regular.

Commuters in Rome and Copenhagen are shelling out $8.51 and $8.48 per gallon, respectively. In London, gas is $8.12 per gallon.

Tokyo, Japan was the tenth most expensive with prices at $6.59.

For consumers in the U.S. looking to save money at the pump, here are a few tricks from the experts at Yahoo Finance:

  • Track prices around town through mobile apps, such as and

    WTOP recommends tracking the cheapest prices through Just enter a Zip Code.

  • Don’t settle for the closet gas station. The more convenient, the more expensive it’s likely to be. If you have the time, try checking out other parts of town.
  • Fill up on Wednesday when gas prices are lowest. Avoid the pump on weekends when demand and costs are highest.
  • Know the fine print on your credit card and gas reward program. They are not created equally and sometimes sneak in fees or offer better savings elsewhere.
  • Find out about gas rewards programs grocery stores offer.
  • Full-service can be up to $5 more expensive. Make sure to get out of your car and pump the gas yourself.

When you find cheap gas, tweet the price using #WTOPgas.

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