Eating better is the key to a healthier 2012

Michelle Basch,

WASHINGTON – Starting a workout program in 2012 is a great idea if you’re trying to slim down, but it could be a waste of time if you neglect something else.

“If you’re exercising but you’re not eating properly, you’re doing yourself a disservice,” says Roxie Hinton, a personal trainer at World Gym locations in Calvert County.

She says if you like salad, avoid iceberg lettuce. Load your salad with dark lettuce, colorful veggies and a protein like chicken or tofu.

Yogurt and oatmeal are good breakfast choices, and if you’re busy you can pack some oatmeal in a plastic bag and cook it in the microwave at work.

If you tend to eat badly during the workday, Hinton says consider adding a fridge to your office or cubicle.

“What you don’t want to fill it up with is a lot of frozen dinners,” she says. “Frozen dinners are piled high with what? Sodium.”

Daytime snacks to consider are blueberries, strawberries, almond butter or peanut better and bananas.

Other tips include switching to a wheat bread open-faced sandwich and checking the internet for nutritional value before calling for delivery or take out.

Also, Hinton says there is a great way to cheat at Subway restaurants. Save calories and carbs by asking the person behind the counter to scoop out the bread in the center.

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