Drum your way to a healthier body

Randi Martin, wtop.com

WASHINGTON – A new fitness craze is hitting gyms around the county. It involves a large exercise ball, a pair of drum sticks and your own aerobic abilities.

“Drums Alive” is a fast-paced, one hour workout that can burn up to 400 calories and help relieve daily stress. It will also bring out your inner rock star. Simply combine aerobic movements while whacking the exercise ball with drum sticks.

The great thing about “Drums Alive,” says Jennifer Dagati, the licensed U.S. partner, “is that everyone and anyone can do it no matter what age, fitness level or drum skill.”

In fact, it is a big hit at senior centers because it can be done while standing or sitting, she says.

The class she teaches in Arizona at a senior retirement facility starts at 7 a.m., but participants line up as early as 6:30 to make sure they get their drum sticks.

“Drums Alive” was started by Carrie Ekins, a fitness instructor in Germany who began drumming on boxes while recovering from a hip injury. She found that drumming made her feel better physically and mentally.The fitness craze began with classes in Europe, Canada and has recently to the U.S.

Dagoti says it’s invigorating and a total body workout:

“We just put on the music, pick up the drumsticks and go for it.”

Watch a video of a what a Drum Alive workout looks like:


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