Video surfaces of $500 million unsolved Boston art robbery

Video surveillance from the 1990 Boston Gardner museum robbery has surfaced. The FBI is asking for the public's help. (FBI)

WASHINGTON — A video of a $500 million unsolved art robbery from a Boston Museum in 1990 has surfaced as investigators seek the public’s help in identifying a man in the video.

The infamous art heist occurred at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, CBS News reports, where 13 works of art were stolen, including Johannes Vermeer’s “The Concert” and Rembrandt’s “Self Portrait.”

On March 18, 1990, a guard allowed entrance to two white men wearing police uniforms after they said they were responding to a “disturbance” report, the FBI says.

The video released by federal prosecutors shows a security guard letting an “unauthorized visitor” enter the museum 24 hours before the robbery. The thieves took the surveillance footage from the evening of the robbery, investigators say.

Although the video is low-resolution, federal investigators are hopeful the public can help identify the unauthorized visitor who exited the car and entered the museum.

“With the public’s help, we may be able to develop new information that could lead to the recovery of these invaluable works of art,” says United States Attorney Carmen Ortiz.

There haven’t been any suspects named or charged since the robbery.

Watch the video:

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