Pedestrians at bus stop struck in Kensington, Md.

Two people waiting at a bus stop in Kensington were injured Saturday morning. (Montgomery Co. Fire and Rescue)

WASHINGTON —  A car careened into a local bus stop in Maryland and flipped on its side, pinning a person who had been waiting there underneath.

Emergency officials say the car had been traveling northbound on Connecticut Avenue in Kensington near Howard Avenue.  The road was closed to traffic Saturday morning.

Two victims  sent to the hospital:  a 63-year-old man, and an 18-year-old girl, who reportedly sustained serious injuries. Another victim who had been struck refused treatment. It was not clear who had been pinned under the car. The driver was the 63-year-old man.

The accident happened about 9:20 a.m.

Saturday night, Montgomery County Police said the accident was was related to a medical event. According to earlier reports, witnesses told police the driver appeared to have been drunk.

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  • RonaldG

    Drunk at 9:20? What’s for breakfast???

    • nscw2014

      Eggs over easy?

  • Bill Hussein O’Stalin

    It’s tough being a dreamer. Sometimes you have to knock a few down.

    • bill9860

      Drinks, pedestrians, or both?

  • needanotherrevolution

    shouldn’t liberals be banning something?

  • Mastersgt

    Ahhh, those wacky Maryland drivers. You always bring a smile to my face first thing in the morning with your silly antics. You know darn well that you can’t bring your car with you onto the bus!

  • R A.

    Ay Dios mio un Toyota y un borracho muy loco. Celebremos la diversidad si? Gracias querido leader!

    • SandyL

      Yeah, thanks Bush.

      • RonaldG

        You mean Michael Busch?

        I’l go with him, Mike Miller, and Martin “New Americans” Owe’Malley…..

        • SandyL

          Quiero decir Jorge w.

          • RonaldG

            Jorge no les ofreció la universidad en el barato!

            That honor goes to Maryland’s 3 stooges.

          • the heckler

            And yet Obama is 10 X worse, but no comment about him?

      • R A.

        Ok. You’re welcome?

  • SandyL

    Liberals. Drunks. Marylanders.

    TOP readers sure are demanding in the information they’d like to know.

    Here’s my demand: Hey top, just tell us what happened.

  • Screaming_Meemie

    Everything about buses seem unsafe these days, even waiting for one.

  • Badeye

    Re: Picture

    “Gee. Ya think!”

  • Scooby

    Maybe a copycat crime of the 4th & H wreck in downtown DC?

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