Air traffic controller proposes over airplane intercom (VIDEO)

WASHINGTON – One air traffic controller took a major leap of faith when he asked his girlfriend to marry him, while she was tens of thousands of feet in the air.

In a video from 2009 that is now making the rounds of the Internet, the air traffic controller can be heard telling the pilot that he had planned on proposing to his girlfriend, on the Montreal to Vancouver flight from Air Canada, but had “chickened out.”

After some encouragement from the pilot, the man is broadcast over the plane’s intercom system to propose to his girlfriend sitting in 25C.

“The reason I am speaking to you is because there is a very special lady on the flight this evening,” he is heard on the video.

Following the proposal, the pilot tells the man “Everybody is jumping up and down and she said yes I can hear her all the way back here.”

Watch the video below. Skip to 1:20 for the part that is guaranteed to make you cry:

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