Garden Plot: Plucked poison ivy still a perilous problem

A goat grazes in the brush in a fenced off area at Congressional Cemetery. More than 100 goats took over the cemetery to help clean up brush in an area away from the graves. The goats grazed for six days to eliminate vines, poison ivy and weeds. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Poison ivy plucked can still pose a perilous problem

Mark in Poolesville writes: “I’m curious if poison ivy leaches into the soil. I removed all of the above-ground growth, but there are still thick roots in the ground and some thicker stems above ground. Is it safe to plant grapes or other fruits there?”

The allergenic oil in poison ivy doesn’t migrate into the soil, Mark, but it is active in the roots and stems as well as the leaves. Touch any part of the plant – – including the roots -

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