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Diagnostic errors prove deadly for thousands

Tens of thousands of people die each year, even though they're going to the doctor. The problem comes from a simple misdiagnosis.

Tuesday - 05/07/2013, 10:42am EDT

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Tick-tock: Secret to losing weight may be the clock

Dining earlier may be the way to lose extra pounds.

Friday - 04/26/2013, 06:04am EDT

Tags: del walters, weight loss, dieting

Red, red wine means no, no sleep

Alcohol increases the likelihood you'll wake up in the middle of the night.

Wednesday - 02/06/2013, 09:42am EST

Tags: veronica robinson, sleep, Wine, red wine

Drink up: beverages to ward off flu

When it comes to warding off the flu, you can never have enough tips - especially with an epidemic on our hands.

Tuesday - 01/15/2013, 05:40am EST

Tags: del walters, flu, drinks

Battle against West Nile: Fight back with bug spray, fans

It's a war out there - a battle against the mosquitoes carrying the dreaded West Nile virus.

Sunday - 08/19/2012, 06:36am EDT

Tags: West Nile virus, infection, Mike Raupp, entomology