Want to know what Jahan Dotson is all about? These quotes from him will tell you

Want to know what Dotson's all about? These quotes will tell you originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Any regular observer would conclude that Jahan Dotson did absolutely, positively nothing wrong on the play.

Well, Jahan Dotson would absolutely, positively disagree with that regular observer.

In a Wednesday one-on-one interview with NBC Sports Washington’s JP Finlay, Dotson reviewed one sequence from the Commanders‘ preseason opener versus the Panthers where he was the intended receiver on a ball that ultimately fell out of his reach.

Dotson’s pattern, however, was disrupted by a momentary grab from a Carolina defensive back (a flag was thrown after the whistle for a separate infraction committed against Terry McLaurin). Therefore, you’d think he’d forgive himself for not being able to haul in the Carson Wentz attempt. 

Except he didn’t.

“I always feel like the ball’s in the air, it’s coming to me, it’s my job to come down with it,” Dotson told Finlay. “So, getting held on my one target, I was pretty upset with myself because I could’ve used better technique just to get open and avoid him holding me for that split-second to get the ball.”

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Whatever the definition for accountability is, it needs to be removed in every existing dictionary/every Internet search and replaced by Dotson’s assessment of that rep, because that is otherworldly accountability from the rookie.

As Dotson begrudgingly relayed in the interview, it had been a “while since he went through a game without logging a reception (this is the portion of the story where it’s necessary to point out that he played about a quarter and a half and, hello, the contest didn’t actually matter).

Yet that isn’t why he was so harsh on himself when discussing the mistake-that-wasn’t-really-a-mistake. That’s just simply how he likes to operate.

“I’ve always been like that,” he said. “You don’t see penalties on the stat sheet. I’m trying to help Carson out, get his yards up, make plays for the offense. Touchdowns are better than penalties… I’ve got to have answers for that.”

Fortunately, Dotson doesn’t beat himself up all the time.

In a separate part of his sit-down, he remarked how cool it was to warm up for the Carolina matchup and see Christian McCaffrey on the field as well. A similar feeling could come about this Saturday when he comes across Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City.

Dotson isn’t starstruck in those situations, though. Instead, they merely solidify his own personal standing in football.

“When I’m out there, you don’t even realize you’re going against guys like that,” he said. “You don’t really think too much of it because you’re on the same level as them.”

How can a 22-year-old be this mature? 

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