Commanders update team crest to reflect proper title seasons

Commanders update team crest to reflect proper title seasons originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Less than three weeks after Commanders’ rebrand became official, the organization has significantly altered one of its logos.

Washington has updated the years on its crest to reflect the year the regular season took place in its Super Bowl seasons. 

On the initial crest, Washington had the years 1983, 1988 and 1992 on it. Those were because the actual Super Bowl game took place in those respective years even though the regular season took place the fall prior.

The initial crest led to outrage from many fans. It’s typical for people to refer to historic teams by the year the regular season took place. For instance, the iconic ’85 Bears actually won the Super Bowl in 1986, but no one refers to that specific Chicago team as the ”86 Bears”. 

The Commanders’  new crest will have these years along the bottom: 1937, 1942, 1982, 1987 and 1991. That should make Washington football fans happy.

It’s worth noting that the first two years on the crest, 1937 and 1942, remain from the original design. That’s because the entire season in the pre-Super Bowl era, including the championship game, took place in that respective calendar year. 

Washington clearly understood how upset and passionate its fans were about the years and quickly corrected the design. The organization deserves props for that.

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