Va. lawmakers line up to ensure school bus camera tickets can be mailed

Stoparm cameras intended to catch drivers who illegally passes buses that are picking up or unloading children aren't working in Virginia. A glitch in state prevents the camera tickets from being delivered by mail. Several state lawmakers have proposed bills that would change that. (AP/David Goldman)

WASHINGTON — Another Virginia lawmaker says that state law must change so that citations could be mailed to drivers caught on camera illegally passing stopped school buses.

Del. David LaRock, R-Hamilton, says he’s introduced a bill that would allow tickets for school bus stop arm violations to be sent in the mail. Democrat Sen. Barbara Favola has introduced similar legislation.

“The safety of children is a bipartisan issue,” said Favola, who represents parts of Arlington and Fairfax counties.

She hopes that support for the measure by a Republican in the House of Delegates will ensure the bill’s passage. Both chambers are controlled by GOP lawmakers.

Buses for Arlington County and Falls Church public schools are equipped with the stop arm cameras. Falls Church halted its program in October after an attorney general’s opinion found a glitch in state law that required the citations to be delivered in person, not by mail.

“If people are willing to ignore this — then I think it’s just a blatant, in my mind, it’s just a blatant statement they don’t care about the safety of kids,” Favola said.

Del. Kaye Kory, D-Falls Church, has introduced similar legislation.

The bills will be considered during the General Assembly session, which begins in January.

WTOP’s Kristi King contributed to this report.

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