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  • 2016 NFL Week 12 Recap

    The NFL Week 12 Recap is thankful for great legs (not turkey), a lot of stuffing and a pair of historic 10-game streaks.

  • 2016 NFL Week 4 Recap

    NFL Week 4 was plagued with picks, saw the Redskins make histo-Reed and prompted WTOP’s Rob Woodfork to make a couple of bold draft proclamations.

  • 2016 NFL Week 3 Recap

    NFL Week 3 saw the league’s first three-way player in a generation, a winner declared in the Beckham vs. Norman bout and purple prominence for the first time in seven years.

  • 2016 NFL Week 2 Recap

    Huge homecomings, historic debuts and an epic comeback highlight NFL Week 2.