power company


  • Residents vent as Pepco scrambles for answers

    During the derecho, Pepco had crews from as far
    away as Canada pitching in. That raises a
    question: Does Pepco have enough repair crews?

  • Pepco asks for delay on rate hike decision

    Pepco has asked the Maryland Public Service
    Commission to delay its decision on a 4 percent
    rate hike, The Washington Post reports. The panel
    scheduled to vote on the increase this Friday.

  • Ex-CIA director: Recent outages a taste of nationwide threat

    Most in the Washington area were without power
    for at least a few hours following a derecho of
    historic proportions, and some fell off the
    grid for almost a week. R. James Woolsey Jr.,
    CIA director under Bill Clinton and board
    member of the International Spy Museum, says a
    very real cybersecurity threat could sweep
    electrical grids throughout the country
    affecting the military and intelligence