Police charge ATV driver seen performing stunts in video

An ATV driver is seen performing stunts near a police cruiser. (Courtesy YouTube)

WASHINGTON — The driver of an ATV suspected of performing dangerous stunts in District Heights, Maryland, in front of a police officer has been charged, and so has the man police believe filmed the stunts.

Prince George’s County police charged Piera S. Barbour, 26, of Fort Washington, Maryland, with reckless driving, negligent driving and other traffic-related charges.

Police say on May 23 of this year, Barbour was the driver who rode dangerously close to a police cruiser, at time taking his hands off the wheel as he drove. Police say he was already in custody on a separate charge.

The incident was filmed on Pennsylvania Avenue, near Parkland Drive.

A warrant also has been issued for Michael W. Roane, 25, of D.C.  He’s believed to be the cameraman, police say.

Both suspects have several previous traffic-related charges, according to Maryland’s online court records.

At the time of the videotaped ride, WTOP has learned Barbour was on unsupervised probation for possession with intent to distribute narcotics, according to Gerard Shields, with Maryland Department of Public Safety & Correctional Service’s Division of Parole & Probation.

A judge could determine whether Barbour’s videotaped ride violated his probation.

In addition, Barbour is a registered sex offender. He pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree rape.

The video was posted on Instagram by Instagram @KTMP28.

In a video posted on YouTube in December, a man who appears to be Barbour and goes by @Ktmp28 can be seen explaining his rationale for his stunts.

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