Suspect in high school shooting had stayaway order

BELTSVILLE, Md. — The federal security officer who police say shot and killed his estranged wife and two other people was ordered to stay away from his wife and their teenage children due to physical violence, court documents say.

Eulalio Tordil, 62, of Adelphi, was taken into police custody late Friday afternoon. He was wanted in connection with the death of his Gladys Tordil, 44, and was believed to have fatally shot a woman at an Aspen Hill grocery store and a man at Westfield Montgomery Mall.

Court records show a domestic violence stayaway order had been filed against Tordil on March 3, as part of a custody case with Gladys Tordil.

In the court’s final order, entered March 17, Eulalio Tordil was ordered to stay away from his estranged wife, her residence and her place of employment: Parkdale High School, where she taught chemistry.

In addition, Tordil, a law enforcement officer with the Federal Protective Service, had been ordered to turn over his firearms in the March 17 ruling.

According to Gladys Tordil’s petition for an initial, temporary protective order, Tordil subjected his children to “intense military-like discipline — pushups, detention, in dark closet.”

The incidents happened during the course of the past decade since the “children moved in with us from (the) Philippines” in 2006, the petition states.

In addition, Tordil violently slapped his wife breaking her glasses and threatened to “harm” her if she left him, the petition states.

The temporary order also prevented Tordil from going to the school the two teens attend — High Point High School in Beltsville, where he gunned down his wife Thursday. Gladys Tordil had gone to the school to pick up the children.

After the March 17 ruling, the Federal Protective Service placed Tordil on administrative duties, and removed his service weapon, badge and credentials. He is now on administrative leave, according to an FPS official, who says the agency is cooperating with Prince George’s County police.

Tordil turned over his service weapon to the Prince George’s County Office of the Sheriff on March 6, and handed over six more weapons on March 17, when the final order became effective.

It was not clear what kind of handgun was used in the shooting at the high school.

The Prince George’s County police say Gladys Tordil had come to High Point High School to pick up her children at around 4:40 p.m. Thursday, and Eulalio Tordil followed her. They began fighting, police say, and he shot and killed her and wounded a man who tried to intervene.

While still on the run Friday, police say Tordil killed a woman in the Giant parking lot on Connecticut Avenue in Aspen Hill about 35 minutes after he is believed to have shot three people outside Westfield Montgomery Mall. One man died. Another man was in grave condition and a woman who was injured was expected to survive.

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