How to Save for Your Honeymoon While Paying for a Wedding

Congratulations, you’ve found your life partner and you’re ready to start your next chapter. Part of the excitement of an engagement is creating the wedding of your dreams and planning your honeymoon. But paying for both is an expensive proposition.

According to Fidelity, more couples are paying for some or all of their wedding expenses than previous generations.

To get a better handle on how to cover your wedding expenses and pay for a honeymoon, we’ve asked three experts for advice so you can start your life together on the best path.

How to Stash Away Honeymoon Funds

The engagement phase is an exciting time leading up to marriage. But there are costly expenses along the way that you have to prioritize.

Here are six ways to save for your honeymoon without putting a damper on your upcoming nuptials.

1. Prioritize the Important Aspects of Your Honeymoon

To figure out what part of your honeymoon you value most, discuss your trip goals with your partner.

Emily Irwin, head of the advice center at Wells Fargo, suggested considering these questions in your discussion to see what you value the most for your honeymoon: Is it the destination, lodging, activities or the duration of the trip?

“Once you’ve identified this priority, find ways to save or budget on the parts that are a lower priority,” she said in an email.

For instance, maybe you decide to find an all-inclusive package to lower meal costs, or choose a cheaper lodging option, such as an Airbnb, to stay in your preferred location, she said.

“By doing this, you can cut unnecessary costs in areas that you’ve realized are less aligned with your highest priorities and will allow you to spend more intentionally on the most important parts,” she added.

2. Ask Family and Friends for Help

Talking openly about your finances can be challenging.

A recent Wells Fargo Money Study found that a majority of Americans (82%) consider money to be a private topic, and up to two-thirds are reluctant to talk about money.

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“Make sure you and your future spouse are openly discussing budget, and how you plan to fund your honeymoon,” Irwin said.

There’s no shame in seeking assistance, so consider getting creative in funding your honeymoon.

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“Consider giving your guests the option to contribute to your honeymoon through your wedding gift registry, specifying how their contribution could help pay for flights or hotels,” she said. “Remember, everyone attending your wedding wants to celebrate you, so if your honeymoon is important to you, it’s OK to be open about it.”

Couples can consider using The Knot Registry to register for a cash fund. According to The Knot 2024 Registry Study, the majority of couples register for cash (72%), and the majority plan to use their cash for their honeymoon.

“Cash funds on The Knot Registry allow couples to ask for cash (and for guests to gift it) in a more meaningful way,” Esther Lee, a spokesperson with The Knot, said in an email.

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“Couples have the flexibility to specify how each monetary gift will be used, whether it’s for a snorkel experience, couple’s massage or sunset boat cruise on their honeymoon,” she added.

The platform also enables group gifting so guests can give more.

3. Use a Travel Agent

In some cases, a travel agent may be the way to go to secure more bang for your travel buck. Ask a friend or family member for a recommendation or turn to wedding planning sites for guidance.

“Seek out travel specialists who can find the best honeymoon deals and offer advice on ways to save costs while ensuring you have the honeymoon you both desire,” Lee said.

“Couples can go to The Knot Vendor Marketplace to find not only wedding vendors, but travel specialists who can help with honeymoon planning,” she added.

4. Tighten Spending

Irwin said if you’re having trouble finding the extra funds to save up for the honeymoon, an easy way to increase your savings is to take a close look at your unnecessary spending and find areas where charges have increased.

“It’s easy to overlook rising costs, like monthly streaming service fees or overspending at stores, but by taking time to look at your spending history, you can quickly cut back on immediate expenses and redirect this money toward other goals, like your honeymoon,” she said.

5. Use Points or Miles for Your Travel Expenses

Tiffany Funk , co-founder and president of, a search and travel booking platform, said in an email that couples should “put every single, possible, wedding expense on a rewards credit card.” If you’re strategic about matching your credit cards to your lifestyle, the points can really add up.

“For example, some cards offer higher points for dining, travel, or groceries,” Funk said. “This can enable you to quickly accumulate a significant number of points. It can pay for luxury hotels and first-class airfare, and this tip is not just for points and miles geeks.”

6. Start Your Honeymoon Plan as Early as Possible

Funk said having more time for saving is always better.

“And, there’s a lot of competition for the bucket list destinations, like Tokyo, the Maldives or Australia as you might guess,” she said.

With the average U.S. wedding costing $30,000, according to The Knot, Funk said experts generally suggest newly engaged couples sign up for new credit cards that offer hefty sign-up bonuses.

“With six months’ notice and the right spending strategy, you can easily earn 300,000 points or more that can be used for a dream honeymoon,” she said.

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