15 Retirement Gift Ideas

If you have a co-worker, boss or friend who is retiring, you might be thinking about ways to recognize their milestone. “Gift-giving can help build social relationships and connections between people,” says Amira Martin, a communications expert, psychotherapist and wellness professional in Brooklyn, New York.

Picking out a memento to share with the person will show you care and are thinking about their future retirement plans. The gift could be a reflection of their accomplishments, such as years of service, company achievements or their title.

As you consider a retirement gift, keep in mind the following options:

— Personalized retirement gifts.

— Sentimental retirement gifts.

— Group retirement gifts.

— Hobby-related retirement gifts.

— Career-related retirement gifts.

— Travel retirement gifts.

— Gift certificate retirement gifts.

— Experience-driven retirement gifts.

— Organizational retirement gifts.

— Membership retirement gifts.

— Goal-related retirement gifts.

— Humorous retirement gifts.

— Handmade retirement gifts.

— Retirement gifts for her.

— Retirement gifts for him.

Personalized Retirement Gifts

Seeing their own name can be heartwarming to a gift receiver. Consider adding initials to a backpack, jacket or blanket. If you opt for a coffee mug or keepsake, you might include the years of service the person gave to the company, especially if they were there for a decade or more. Look at Etsy, Remember Me Gifts or Mark and Graham for ideas.

Sentimental Retirement Gifts

If you have a longstanding relationship with the retiree or if they were your mentor, you might be compelled to give a thoughtful present. “Giving a retirement gift is not just about material items,” Martin says. “By considering the recipient’s preferences and needs, the giver shows that they value and care about the person, building and strengthening relationships in the process.” The gift could be a photo book featuring some of your times together, a basket with their favorite food items or a list of quotes they said that have inspired you over the years. Consider Shutterfly and Mixbook to get started.

Group Retirement Gifts

If you worked in a team environment, the retiree might appreciate a present that comes from the members involved in a specific project or department. Before purchasing a gift, ask the group for input. You’ll also want to decide on how to pay, as it may work well to split the cost of the gift equally among all participants. Or you might ask everyone to donate their desired amount and put the sum on a gift card that is given to the retiring co-worker. In some cases, you might decide to give an activity for the whole group, such as a weekend retreat or beach day, to mark the retirement.

Hobby-Related Retirement Gifts

Did your boss always dream of spending their days on a sailboat? Or taking hikes in the country’s national parks? If you are familiar with the person’s interests, you could put together a collection of items that will serve them on their next adventures. In some cases, the retiree may have dedicated weekends and vacations to a certain sport or activity. For instance, if they have joined a pickleball club, you could give them a gift that will be useful to them in upcoming tournaments.

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Career-Related Retirement Gifts

Perhaps the individual helped the company move through a difficult time. Or they might have overseen an innovative project that helped open new markets. In some cases, their dedication to showing up every day could serve as an example to others. Brainstorm with colleagues to think of ways that the retiree contributed to the organization during their working years. Then mark the accomplishments on a plaque or frame a picture of the team with whom they worked.

Travel Retirement Gifts

If the person leaving the office has always wanted to visit Europe or tour South America, you might give luggage, travel gear or a guidebook to encourage their pursuits. Ask questions to learn about their timeline and travel companions. You can then direct your present to fit the destinations on their list.

Dining Retirement Gifts

Taking a friend out to their favorite restaurant to mark their retirement could be an event they will always remember. Tell the waitstaff of your plans so they can ensure the dinner party is a memorable and special occasion. If you want an additional gift, you could put together a gift card for the place that they can use on their next visits there.

Experience-Driven Retirement Gifts

If the individual has always wanted to take art classes or learn about wood carving, now is your chance to turn those dreams into a reality. You could give the gift of tennis lessons, literature courses, or a different educational opportunity. “Watching the recipient’s face light up as they open the gift can be an incredibly rewarding experience for the giver,” Martin says.

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Organizational Retirement Gifts

For managers and directors, having an agenda could help them map out their retirement days. Include a note that suggests they keep track of social engagements, new clubs that they join and any part-time work they decide to pick up. Calendars, notepads and stationary can also be great gifts for those who thrive on organized schedules. Some might appreciate noise-canceling headphones so they can concentrate. Look on Amazon for ideas or consider Bose for audio quieting options.

Membership Retirement Gifts

From having the chance to try a new cheese every month to sampling wine and fruit, there are many options for gift subscriptions. You might purchase a three-month membership to a place that provides local produce or meat. Every time they receive a package, the retiree will think of you — and they may invite you over to share in their delight over the new foods they are trying. Harry & David, Atlas Coffee Club and Amazing Clubs offer options to peruse.

Goal-Related Retirement Gifts

If the person has plans to move into consulting during retirement, or to spend more time with family, these could be considered their next objectives. “Retirement is a huge change in life,” says Chanda Torrey, CEO of Gifter World in West Palm Beach, Florida. Helping the individual think ahead and envision their path going forward can help them maneuver their steps. A goal-related retirement gift might consist of a plaque with text that highlights the benefits of retirement, a journal they can use to share their thoughts or a bucket list that they can fill in with their current dreams.

Humorous Retirement Gifts

While you will likely want to keep it friendly and clean, an object that reminds a co-worker of a funny time you spent together could be the perfect antidote for their coming shift into retirement. “It can be mentally challenging,” Torrey says. “You go from working for a lifetime to suddenly not being around people all day.” If the recipient has a humorous gift, they can reflect on the good moments of their career. “Every time they look at it, it will make them smile,” Torrey says.

Handmade Retirement Gifts

If you are crafty or have a way with words, it could be best to make the present you plan to give. You might assemble a seasonal decoration or write out a heartfelt card. The gesture could boost both your own morale and the retiree’s sense of belonging. “It helps build self-esteem while giving the individual a sense of joy and purpose,” says David Cohen, the clinical director or Harmony Place, a mental health treatment facility in Woodland Hills, California.

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Retirement Gifts for Her

From purses to jewelry cases, wine glasses, candles, T-shirts and scrapbooks, there is a wide selection of gifts that appeal to women. When looking at a site or store, look for sections that are marked as “gifts for her” or ask friends of the retiree for suggestions. Once you have options to consider, think about price and if you’re uncertain about your choice, include the gift receipt so it can be returned if needed.

Retirement Gifts for Him

Golf clubs, catch-all trays, outdoor grilling sets, garden tools and patio furniture are just a few items that men may see as the perfect retirement gift. If you know they love the outdoors, a set of binoculars could help them capture nature and wildlife in an up-close way. Ask colleagues for guidance if you aren’t familiar with the person’s interests. Having a meeting before their retirement day can be another way to find out what they are hoping to receive at their farewell party.

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