Best Tip Calculator Apps to Download Now

With everyone carrying less cash and increasingly depending on credit cards and digital wallets, demand is growing for tech-savvy tools to make tipping easier. With a few quick swipes on a smartphone, consumers can avoid spending extra time and money agonizing over how much to tip a valet or restaurant server.

“Tipping has changed radically in the last decade,” says Stacy Waite, founder of, which helps people find local businesses and includes tipping information. She also previously ran a website that advising people on tipping in the U.S. and abroad.

For example, consumers have probably noticed that some point-of-sale systems include tips automatically and usually at the high end, Waite says. “Restaurants have people order at counters, get their own drinks and utensils, but still expect tips. These become meal surcharges since there is little personal service,” she says.

And these days, consumers are expected to provide gratuity for a wider range of professionals in the service industry, including hairdressers, movers, massage therapists and more. Tip calculators can make the process easier.

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Here’s a look at the best tip calculator apps and two tipping calculator websites:

— Tip N Split Tip Calculator.

— Gratuity.

— Global Tipping.

— Plates by Splitwise.

— Tip Me.

— TipFlip.

— Tip Calculator at

— Tip Calculator at

Tip N Split Tip Calculator

With Tip N Split, it’s easy to determine gratuity quickly and easily split the bill among fellow diners. If you want to round up or round down on the tip, you can determine the appropriate amount to leave: 20% gratuity, 15% gratuity and so on. What’s more, you can explore tipping guides for other countries, including Canada, China and Australia. With the paid Tip N Split Pro version (available for $1.99), users can take advantage of other features like calculating the tip before sales tax is added to the bill.


Like all tip calculators, the Gratuity app will allow you to figure out the tip for yourself — and others — if you’re splitting the bill. You simply type in the bill amount on a keypad, and the math is done for you. Plus, there are some enticing extras, like being able to rate the service of a place by tapping the icon on the screen. If you go somewhere terrible or terrific, your review can alert others. The app also has recommendations on how much to tip, depending on the type of service, such as a suggested amount for a barber or concierge.

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Global Tipping

Global Tipping is more of a tipping app than a tipping calculator app, but it does offer user-friendly features. The app can be particularly useful for patrons at a bar. It offers tipping intel for over 30 countries and helps you and your pals split the bill. Not only does the app include a tipping calculator, but it allows users to input based on other factors, such as whether they are a “nondrinker” or a “drinker,” since drinkers typically add more to the bill. Users can also carve up the tab with a “food bill” and “drink bill,” as well as separate the taxes from food and drinks, if they prefer to tip based on the bill before tax.

Plates by Splitwise

This free app appeals to restaurant-goers who want to split the check among many diners. You can split a check among up to 10 people evenly or, if you prefer, you can divide the bill in several different ways. For instance, if only some patrons ordered appetizers, you can split appetizer costs among those select patrons — and divide the rest of the food among everyone else.

The app also allows you to calculate the tip before and after the sales tax. What’s more, if you use a coupon to pay for a meal, you can use the app to figure out what the appropriate gratuity would be without the coupon.

Tip Me

This tipping calculator app, Tip Me, also allows you to calculate the tip before and after the sales tax. And if you use a coupon to pay for a meal, you can use the app to figure out what the appropriate gratuity would be without the coupon.


TipFlip specializes in allowing users to tip people in professions where it may not be as easy to tip, like a babysitter or door attendant.

To get their money, the other person needs a TipFlip account, and of course, you may wonder if it’s easier to tip using a service like Venmo or Google Pay. In any case, if you’re constantly looking for new ways to tip people, you may want to try TipFlip.

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Tip Calculator at

If you’re not into apps, you may want to check out the tip calculator on If you’re looking for a quick way to calculate a tip, it will get the job done — and can split the tip among diners. It may not be flashy, but if you just want a simple tip calculator, this may become a favorite.

Tip Calculator at offers a lot of calculators, including statistics calculators, business calculators and math calculators. If you’re looking for a fractions calculator or a margin calculator, this site has it.

As for CalculatorSoup’s tipping calculator, it will calculate your tip and can split the bill and tips among a multitude of diners.

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