Paid Work That Impresses Medical Schools

The requirements for premed students are constantly stacking higher and higher.

Between prerequisite coursework, extracurricular activities, the MCAT, CASPer and more, it can be incredibly difficult for premeds to find time for all of their obligations. This becomes especially difficult when students have to work to generate income for themselves or their families.

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Fortunately, there are positions that can be paid but also provide a premed with the necessary experience for medical school. Though jobs do exist, however, they can be hard to find or may require extra training.

For example, becoming a medical assistant or an EMT is a great way for premed students to work alongside health care personnel, doctors included, while getting invaluable patient interaction. Most of these positions are paid and the benefits gained from these experiences exceed just the financial aspect.

However, students must complete specific training to earn a certificate in these programs. The training is usually pretty limited, and a premed could consider taking the program in a summer to not disrupt their coursework, and then take a position after that.

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Another great paid position that requires some limited training is scribing. A medical scribe works alongside physicians and assists in documentation of patient visits. Scribing can allow a premed student to get close doctor interaction while gaining skills in medical documentation, terminology and treatment plans.

Scribes also may get some direct patient interaction. Though this position requires specific training, there are many positions available once it is completed and scribing can even be done remotely.

Premed students who don’t have time or the financial resources to complete specific training can find medical employment opportunities, but these can be scarcer.

A clinical research coordinator is a great position to pursue, as it combines direct patient interaction with research. Working as a receptionist at a medical clinic can offer opportunities to interact with patients and physicians.

Students can also find positions as a patient navigator in hospitals, tutors for the MCAT or premed courses or hotline technicians for emergency, suicide or other services. These positions can be harder to find, but they certainly are out there.

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Premeds looking for a paid position as an extracurricular activity for medical school should search their local hospitals and clinics for positions. They can even apply for various physician office jobs at clinics that may offer them a role.

The key is to be persistent and consistent. If one job doesn’t work out, apply for another. If there are no jobs in the local area, search remote positions.

And consider positions that require training. The added training and experience will help not only in the job search, but also on your medical school applications and preparedness for med school itself.

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