What to Buy on Amazon

Amazon has established itself as a powerhouse in the e-commerce game. The company has steadily increased offerings from books to home goods to TV streaming services and even healthcare options.

Shopping at this online giant is convenient because consumers can get a range of items delivered to their home, often in just two days if they are Amazon Prime members. However, no matter where you shop online, it is always important to remain an aware consumer by checking prices and comparing options with other competitors. That said, Amazon has made itself the leader in pricing on several categories of items.

These are the items that you should consider buying on Amazon:

— K-Cups.

— Laundry detergent.

— Ninja blenders.

— Diapers.

— Cat and dog food.

— Batteries.

— Protein powders.

— Charging cords.

Read on for more information on buying each item on Amazon. All prices are current as of the publication date and are subject to change.

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Coffee is the liquid that keeps much of America running throughout the day. K-Cups are the coffee pods that are used in the popular Keurig machine. Purchasing individual pods can add up and potentially cost you more than a cup at your local coffee shop if you aren’t a smart shopper. If you’re stocking up for an office and buying large quantities, there can be even more to save.

Price check: 72-pack Dunkin’ Donuts K-Cups

Amazon: $43.00

Staples: $68.29

Laundry Detergent

Keeping your clothes and home clean is a daunting task. Don’t make the chore worse by overpaying at the wrong store. Amazon laundry detergent prices will have your clothes and wallet feeling fresh.

Price check: Gain Flings 81 Count

Amazon: $18.58

Walmart: $19.97

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Ninja Blenders

If you’re blending up morning smoothies or smoothing out an at-home soup recipe, a countertop blender is a must. Ninja is a popular brand that is showcased at many retailers. Shop at Amazon to score the best price and bundle deals on Ninja accessories.

Price check: Ninja Professional Blender BL660

Amazon: $99.98

Macy’s: $125.99


Any parent knows the staggering amount of diapers a family can go through. Saving on an item that provides your baby and your wallet protection is of utmost importance.

Price check: Pampers Swaddlers Size 1, 140 Count

Amazon: $34.10

Target: $39.99

Walmart: $48.22

Cat and Dog Food

The furry friends that fill your home aren’t known for pulling in extra cash during the workday, which is why it’s important to cut costs where you can. The savings for cat and dog food aren’t as drastic at Amazon as they are for some of the other items, but if you’re bundling an order, it’s still worth it to save an extra dollar or two.

Price check: Purina One Dog Food 15lbs

Amazon: $21.46

Target: $22.99

Price check: Meow Mix Original 16lbs

Amazon: $11.87

Target: $12.89

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Batteries help keep your daily life running smoothly, especially when there are backups in the junk drawer. If you’re shopping for batteries to replenish your stockpile, Amazon has some of the best deals you can find.

Price check: 48-Count AA Batteries

Amazon: $12.49

Best Buy: $16.49

Protein Powders

Whether a protein powder is being used a meal replacement, weight-loss supplement or to build muscle mass, it can come at a high cost. There are a lot of retailers and individual protein powder options to purchase, but starting your search at Amazon can save you money.

Price check: Vega Chocolate Protein Powder (17 Servings)

Amazon: $39.99

The Vitamin Shoppe: $54.99

Charging Cords

Keeping your cellphone alive is the all-important charging cord. These items are often left behind at hotels, broken or misplaced in one way or another. If you’re shopping for a new charging cord, look to the Amazon Basics line of products for the best in reviews and price.

Price check: Apple iPhone Charger

Amazon: $7.99

Walmart: $14.88

No matter what a consumer is shopping for, Amazon is worth browsing and including in any price comparisons. Ensuring the best price is up to the shopper through competitor comparison and product research. These items, in general, were found to have better prices at Amazon. When in doubt, always double-check your prices.

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